Love & Hate of The New Website

Hello there Internet Travellers!

I’m happy to announce the J’s Computers new website is live now. BA-DUM-TSSS!

Oh…! And Happy New 2017 Year (look at Father Time jumping on us so quick! This Dude never gets old… ).

Being not so original I’ve decided to give WordPress a shot (like what now, 50% of the Internet… ?). But this should yield some smooth blog-doing, stuff-making and content-baking… or whatever.

As I’ve developed quite sophisticated observation skills since I was a little nerd in 6th grade lurking on chicks in the classroom, this new website will serve me – or I’ll serve the new website O_o – to write about what I’ve <observed> in the World Of Tomorrow (WOT).

So brace yer-selves for the endless wave of information on All That Makes Me Curious in the World of Technology (WOT).

Whatever grabs the attention of my veiny, red eyeballs shall immediately be summoned here, so help me the Internet-God!the internet god is touching my mouse

Not entirely being in control of all this techno-indulgence I will subject my being to constantly feed the blog. – I promise that with a 30 Day Human Flesh Back Guarantee!

In a hypnotic-like disposition shall I write and report on here:

– whether you like or not and

– whether I like it or not.

The choice is, most certainly not ours.

‘Nuff of rambling!

Stay tuna – stay organic!

Big kiss!

Jold computer made from organic materials specifically for the new website